Island Adventure

Island Adventure

3 day Photo Tour adventure

Enjoy a 3 day photography adventure, and discover all the best spots that Terceira Island can offer. Azores Photo Tours - Created by local guide and photographer Bruno Ázera.

Day 1 - Hiking Adventure

We cherish the time our feet have been connected to dirt paths. The best way to truly know a place is to explore by foot. There are lots of great hiking trails around the Azores that you can explore by yourself. However, to get to these locations and photograph them at the right time of the day takes a lot of location scouting and planning. Only small hikes are involved, learning photography and enjoying the views as we go along the way.

Grab your camera and hiking boots, and discover with us the Laurisilva forest, a glimpse of the ancient “cloud forests,” a relic of what remains of the vegetation that dates back to the Tertiary Age, or find yourself photographing breathtaking landscapes.

Day 2 - The Underground world

When you are in an environment without any natural light, our primary focus will be light painting photography. Photographing inside caves (lava tubes) is a lot of trial and error. There is some practice involved using flashlights and headlamps to achieve the effects you desire, but don’t worry, we have plenty of time to master this technique. Small hikes are involved moving from one cave to another, and we will prepare a picnic in the forest or inside the cave, so you can relax and enjoy nature. If the weather is poor, this is a fantastic way to photograph, with the bonus of being protected by outside elements.

This will be definitely a day different from the others, so turn on your flashlight and discover with us the beautiful and strange underground world of the Azores.

Day 3 - It's all about the views

This day is all about showing epic views and the best spots that Terceira Island can offer.

We have carefully picked several places to photograph depending on the weather, light and time of day. You will experiment and learn advanced photography techniques, such as long exposure and high dynamic range (HDR). Sometimes we are on top of a mountain overlooking the “Manta de Retalhos,” or find yourself on rocky shores photographing beautiful seascapes with the sunset as a background.

To truly complete the full Azorean experience, we need to finish our tour the right way – by having a fantastic meal with a local family.

Our tours are always private for the individual or group that booked the tour, it's a one-on-one experience.

This tour is not just for photographers, but also for all people who want to embark on a great adventure. Suitable for all levels of photographic knowledge, whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or skilled photographer, this tour will encourage you to question and experiment different techniques, taking into account that the Azores always has something new and unpredictable to offer.

We promise you that you will come home with the best possible images of the Azores, and therefore be able to share all the fantastic experiences and memories with your family and friends personally and via social media.

Although we have a specific itinerary planned, we also allow some flexibility to take advantage of photographic opportunities we encounter along the day.

Tour Price

269.00 Euros

Photo Guide

Bruno Ázera

Tour Length

3 Days

Group Size



  • Top spots of the Island
  • Stunning Landscapes
  • Discover the underground world
  • Light painting inside lava tubes
  • Explore a mystical forest
  • Hike through endemic vegetation
  • Epic views
  • HDR and long exposure techniques
  • Picnic in a forest
  • Dinner with local family

What's Included

  • Private photo guide (fluent in Portuguese and English)
  • Photography input and suggestions
  • Flashlight and headlamps
  • Picnic in a forest
  • Dinner with local family
  • Transportation
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Insurance

What to Bring

  • Camera (iPhone / DSLR / Mirrorless)
  • Tripod (recommended)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Extra water and snacks

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