Azores Photo Tours

Azores Photo Tours

Photo Tours and Adventures

Azores Photo Tours offers exciting Photo Tours and Adventures in the Azores for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, created by local guide and photographer Bruno Ázera

Our purpose is to invite outdoor and nature enthusiasts to an Atlantic adventure, allowing you to enjoy a photo tour in the Azores differently, instead of rushing from one place to another. Azores Photo Tours is created by a photographer, with the goal of designing tours that we would like to go on. We will guide you to the best photo locations, from volcano caves to amazing landscapes, exploring rich and varied gastronomy while staying in traditional houses that have been restored to provide you with the best experience.

These tours are not just for photographers, but also for all people who want to embark on a great adventure. Suitable for all levels of photographic knowledge, whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or skilled photographer, these tours will encourage you to question and experiment different techniques, taking into account that the Azores always has something new and unpredictable to offer.

We promise you that you will come home with the best possible images of the Azores, and therefore be able to share all the fantastic experiences and memories with your family and friends personally and via social media.

The Azores are composed of nine beautiful volcanic islands situated in the middle of the north Atlantic ocean. The archipelago is green, volcanic and remote. With breathtaking landscapes, allied to the islands unique culture, provides exceptional conditions for this type of activities during any time of the year.

What makes these tours unique?

  • Input and suggestions from an experienced photographer
  • Experienced guide throughout the trip
  • Suitable for photographers of all levels
  • We tailor a pace to suit everyone’s needs
  • A working environment that facilitates learning from one another
  • Our destinations encompass the Archipelago’s most scenic locations not included in the usual tours
  • We promote the Azorean way of life, local products, and services
  • Eating at local homes or selected restaurants for their rich and unique food
  • We will be staying in traditional rural houses
  • All vehicles provided ensure adequate room to pack all your gear
  • Sunset at Serra do Cume, Terceira Island, Azores. Best viewpoint of Portugal.

    Photo Day Tours

    A fusion of jeep tours to walking trails, we offer different ways to discover the island's best spots not included in the usual tours. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled photographer, take advantage of this one-on-one experience to maximize your time in the Azores.

    Photo Trips & Workshops

    These are our Premium Tours, providing the same level of quality as our Day Tours in Terceira Island although in a different location. Every Azorean Island is unique, from whale watching in Pico to bathing in hot springs in São Miguel. These tours focus on nature and landscape of each location, while exploring their rich and varied gastronomy, and staying in traditional rural houses that have been restored to provide you with the best experience.

    Custom Tours

    We also offer private customised tours to groups or individuals in the Azores. Tailored to their specific needs and dates, we provide the same excellence as our other tours for your Atlantic adventure during any time of the year. Tell us what you are searching for, and we can help you customize your expedition.

    Ready to Register for a Tour?

    Our journeys will take you to some of the most amazing destinations in the Azores, offering incredible photo opportunities and life experiences. We hope that you’ll join us and other like-minded travelers.